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Introducing NearBite

The easiest way to manage your food truck business.

Food trucks operate on razor-thin margins. That’s why we want to help you increase yours.

Popular Locations

NearBite leverages social media to find popular locations nearby. If you’re having a slow day or not sure where to go next, NearBite will notify you of all popular public events nearby that you could service!

Delivery Orders

NearBite allows customers to request delivery orders. This provides an alternative to traditional catering, allowing  customers to order in bulk for their parties, events, and fundraisers.  This frees you up to take advantage of other opportunities.

Eliminate Headaches

NearBite provides truck owners and employees a convenient way to create new menus, manage employee shifts, and share a calendar and todo list with all of your employees.

Update Location on Social Media

NearBite automatically updates your truck’s location on Facebook and Twitter – that way your loyal fans will always be able to find you!

Find Upcoming Catering Opportunities

With an ever growing list of events, NearBite helps you find catering opportunities that matter to you! Browse through catering opportunities posted by event coordinators and apply for ones you want to service!

Manage All Your Trucks

If you manage more than one food truck, NearBite makes it easy to manage all of them from one app and one account.


Built to help.

NearBite is a result of extensive research and user interviews. Our goal is to fix the major pain points of operating a food truck business.

School Zones & Toilets

Food trucks are required to maintain a certain distance from schools and proximity to toilets. We can help you satisfy these requirements.

Geographical Data

We track user searches to figure out where your cuisine is in highest demand.


NearBite allows food truck owners to review event coordinators. If an event coordinator is hard to work with or overbooks an event – you’ll know ahead of time.

Customer Loyalty

With NearBite, it’s easy to setup customer loyalty programs for your loyal fans.

What’s required?

All you need is a phone.

NearBite provides you with all the tools required to increase income and make work life easier. Not only does NearBite automatically find local events and estimate attendance, it’s also a one stop shop filled with all the managerial tools you need.  The app provides a centralized location with which to manage catering commitments, employee shifts, social media accounts, paperwork, menus, customer loyalty programs, and much much more.

One size fits all pricing.


Unlimited access to all of our features for one flat fee – no surprises.


Per truck/month


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  • Customer Support
  • Location Broadcasting
  • Crowd Surging
  • Delivery
  • Catering Requests
  • Event Opportunities
  • School Zones / Public Toilet Locations
  • Truck Management (shifts, calendar, expense reports, etc)
  • Customer Loyalty Program

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